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Stellarcleenz 1 10 inch square cloth with pouch


A natural, safe anti-microbial alternative to alcohol-based skin sanitizers, wipes and gels.

Most anti-microbial products contain a minimum of 62% alcohol/ethanol or they are not effective as bacteria, fungi or virus killers. Alcohol and chemicals can also destroy the good “beneficial” bacteria our bodies need that lies under the skin’s oily layer.

Stellarcleenz are made of 99% pure silver and are NOT Nano plated technology (“Nano”, to many, sounds futuristic, but it is not a plus for people or the environment in this application). Stellarcleenz contain no alcohol, chemicals or toxins and not only are safe; they are portable and easy to stash compactly anywhere.

They are natural and have lasting re-usability making them more economical than many a gel squirt or single-use disposable wipe.

Germs Are Everywhere - Silver Kills 1000's on Contact

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